Sunday, May 22, 2016

Basic week of training

This past week has been quite a nice training wise. It was a bit rainy in the beginning of the week when I had my days off and getting sunnier and warmer towards the end as have been at work. Nevertheless I almost managed to stay out of the route of rain clouds in the beginning of the week and have had the chance to enjoy the sun at least a bit in the end of the week. The heel has been a little bit better this week, allowing me to do three short runs.

This is how my a basic week in my training looks like at the moment:

Monday 16.5. 
No work, sleeping late :)

11.00 MTB 2h9min / 24km HR 125 / 174. Mostly trying to learn new tricks and going over and over some (for me) tricky parts. A LOT of fun.

19.00 Evening run 26min / 4,8km HR 148 / 159 + core exercises 20min. Easy jogging, legs feeling ok and at least no pain anywhere. 

Tuesaday 17.5
No work, waking up at the usual 7am.

9.30 MTB 1h45min / 25km HR 130 / 166. A bit faster paced trip to the woods with the mtb, trying to go over the (again for me) technical single tracks and seeing a little bit of progress. A lot of fun again :)

16.30 Hills & sprints w/ roadbike 1h18min / 35km HR 141 / 186, W avg 136, NP 196, max 721 + mobility exercises 22min. A little spin offering both sun and heavy rain, incl. 3 * 1,8km hill @ 264w (3.52), 278w (3.39) and 284w (3.35) + some sprints. Feeling the lack of all interval training in the past 4 weeks due to the allergies and asthma. Lungs and breathing not yet healthy but starting to feel ok. 

Wednesday 18.5
Working 8-16 and enjoying a day of rest by just watching some Tour of Norway and going for two little walks after work and before going to bed. 

Thursday 19.5
Working 12-20. Being an early bird. 

6.45 Morning run 22min / 4km HR 153 / 168 + core exercises 13min. Easy little jog to wake up. Heel ok. 

9.15 MTB 1h20min / 28km HR 142 / 174. Commute with the mtb through some ski paths, gravel roads, forestry machine tracks and parks. Nice, sunny morning and relatively good legs. 

20.30 MTB 1h13min / 25km HR 128 / 153. Commute homeward with the mtb (almost same route as I used in the morning to get there). A good late night spin to clear the head after a day of work. A bit tired legs after the morning trainings + 8hrs of standing and walking on the hard surface at work. 

Friday 20.5
Working 15-23, which is a very rare time of working for me and usually I'm asleep by that time.. 

8.00 Swimming 39min / 2000m. Some easy, relaxed laps at the pool. Arms suprisingly tired from all the mtb stuff, I guess. 

10.30 Cycling (road) 1h35min / 46km HR 143 / 174, W avg 144, NP 164, max 585. Just riding around in the nice sunny weather. Really good legs, but I was a bit afraid of the working late part of the day (or falling asleep at work) so I cut the ride a bit short.

Saturday 21.5
Working 11.15-18.15. Very hard to wake up after being home from work at midnight on friday and then having the worst night of sleep in a long time. 

8.00 Morning run 36min / 6,7km HR 155 / 168 + core exercises 17min. Easy jogging. Feeling like crap in the beginning, but getting better towards the end. Longest run in a couple of weeks. Heel didn't hurt at all :)

Sunday 22.5
Working 11-16.00. Had a hard time falling asleep again on saturday, something that almost never happens but luckily waking up quite easily in the morning. 

9.15 Cycling (road) 50min / 24km HR 142 / 163, W avg 137, NP 162, max 425. Commute with the roadie. Nice to ride on the quiet roads.

16.30 Cycling (road) 1h37min / 46km HR 136 / 168, W avg 140, NP 169, max 558. Commute. 

TOTAL 15h2min 

Cycling 11h47min / 253km, 8 times (mtb 6h26min / 102km)
Running 1h24min / 15,5km, 3 times
Swimming 39min / 2000m, 1 time
Strength + mobility 1h12min, 4 times

From where I rode my bike on tuesday.

Commuting on thursday morning. 

Commuting back home late in the evening on thursday. Loving these warm summer nights and the midnight sun.  
Testing the new, customized skinsuit on the friday ride. 

Loving the view on my saturday morning run. 

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