Thursday, May 5, 2016


The header says it all..

Long gone are the happy days in Mallorca, when I could go running with no pain in the foot and with legs so light and nice. Back are the heavy legs after the weekly 40hrs of standing and walking on the hard surface (also called work) and the aching left foot/heel. Luckily back are also the long, light evenings and even sun and warmth of summer, so lately I've been enjoying quite a lot of cycling.

Cyclinglegs seem to have made a long awaited comeback and it feels good to be back on the bike, doing long easy rides and also biking my 24km commute to work almost daily (at least to one direction). After so many years of not having "the feel" to go cycling and being bored after 30 minutes in the saddle, I'm quite happy to like it again - a lot actually. So much, I even had to place an order in the Rapha webstore a couple of minutes ago. That's definitely something I thought I'd never do but suddenly just had to. Guess you'll se next week what cycling related very important stuff I got myself.. :)

I've discovered also Strava in the past few weeks. I've had an account for the past 3 years, but never really got into it. But now I suddenly took it into use. If you're interested in what I'm doing or how many QOM's I've got on my commutes, feel free to follow me there (see the link on the right hand side of blog). It's also nice to see what my friends are up to in their trainings. At least some of them seem to be in a very good shape and I'm looking forward to see them race in triathlons and on the bike this summer. And being happy I don't have to face them in the races as I won't be racing, just cheering for my favorite girls and boys.

My bike seems to enjoy the quiet country roads as much as I do.

Essential part of the #cyclinglife. I've heard. 

The three best trainings after coming home from Mallis (by clicking the name of the training, you'll get to see it in Strava):

1. Long ride around lake Kallavesi in Kuopio (the so called Vehmerin lenkki), on monday 2.5
Riding solo for little less than 4hrs in the nice sunshine and with really nice views. I've visited Kuopio many times every year for the past 8 yrs and been to this route several times - with the car. Now it was my first time on the route with my bike and I definitely know now why it is such a classic with local cyclists.

To do the Vehmeri route, you have to take a couple of minutes ride with a cable ferry.
It was all blue skies and wind still lakesurfaces all the way.

2. Quick and hard evening ride, on saturday 23.4
Trying to sit on the wheel of the supercoach (aka the tandem pilot going to Rio paralympic games this summer). It was easy to follow the speed in the uphills, really had to dig deep in the downhills/flats. It's an unfair disanvantage to be born a girl.

Riding with the supercoach. Still smiling, not for very long though.

3. Long ride in the local countryroads, on tuesday 3.5
Easy 4hr solo ride around the nicest local roads with great lakeside views and also the biggest climbs (still very small) in the region. Also the first ride at home without leg warmers this season, so the feeling of freedom was there all the time.

Happy on the long ride. Notice the bare legs. SO. GOOD.

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