If you read this, you most probably already know what I've signed up for this year. I started thinking about Norseman the second I heard about it the first time in 2011. Years passed, injuries and illnesses passed and somehow I found myself taking part in the lottery last autumn for the first time ever. I threw myself into the lottery quite nonchalantly as the odds for getting a spot at the race were quite minimal (5000 people participating and just about 200 got the spot through the lottery).

But well, against all odds, my name was picked in the lottery as the lucky number 17. I took that as a sign and decided that second that I will be ready on August 1st 2020 to swim 3,8km in the freezing cold fjord, ride my bike over the hills for the 180km and then run a little marathon to finish up on Gaustatoppen. I have absolutely no idea what it takes to do that. I have never even completed a regular Ironman on the normal flat courses. But I know people who have done Norseman getting the famous black shirt and they're not any unimaginable superhumans, so I guess you don't have to be one to survive.

That being said, don't even dare to think I'm approaching Norseman as something easy. It will, for sure, be the toughest thing I've ever done in my life and I'll do my best to be as well prepared as possible in Eidfjord in less than 6 months. I really don't have any other goal for the race than to be among those who get to finish on the mountain top. I don't care about times or ranks as long as I'm at least good enough to be at the 32,5km point of the run among the 160 first and before the cut off time of 14h30min and at the 37,5km point before the cut off time of 15h30min. Under normal conditions that should be a reasonably achievable target. Again - I didn't say easy - just achievable :)

So far in my thoughts the scariest part of the race is the very first part: jumping off the boat in the darkness and into the cold water. Second scariest part is the possibility of flat tires during the bike leg. And third scariest part is the first 25km of the run which is flat and where you're supposed to run fast. Oh and fourth scariest: the person who was supposed to be my support in the race is going to be at Tokyo Olympics at the same time... Anyone interested in a looooooong day in the support car and then running (walking) up a mountain?

Training towards Norseman started well in the middle of November and the good phase lasted until Christmas. On the third day of Christmas holidays I got sick and it turned out to be the influenza. I had a very high fever for 7 days and even after that I was extremely weak and it didn't actually help mentally that I had booked a camp to Fuerteventura from the January 13th... Luckily I managed to do a few little trainings at home post influenza and before flying down south. The camp deserves a post of it's own, so I'll keep it short here by saying it was a great two weeks of swimming, biking and running (as well as eating, sleeping and laughing).

Now, having been a bit less than two weeks at home after the camp, I feel recovered and start noticing the gains of the 51hrs of training done at the camp. I feel motivated and happy in this project. And to keep me from overdoing things, I now have a coach too, which adds up to the motivation part but also makes me feel secure as I trust the process and that the training I do will take me where I want to go.


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